A special kind of branding and image transfer.

Many things are possible and customisable. Making contact with the target group in a comfortable setting. This is where marketing takes place, for length of stay and conspicuousness pack quite a punch.

- oldwoodgrey -

The regular place not just for regular customers.
Distinctive branding. Image-promoting. Inviting.


  • Brushed spruce, tangible texture
  • Premium wood protection by Toplasur varnish
  • Adjustable backrest
  • 2 fold-out leg rests
  • Generous folding storage space
  • 1 folding table on right-hand side
  • Adjustable seat heating
  • Rotatable LED lighting and remote control dimmer
  • Upholstery pack (2 backrest cushions, 1 seat cushion, 2 decorative cushions)
  • 2 curtains with rails and strap band
  • 1 folding table on left-hand side
  • 2 window boxes
  • Lighting set
  • Seat heating set

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