HÜTTENglück – Even more cheerfully priced!

This attractive outdoor lounge saves space, weight and money without sacrificing comfort. Always well placed wherever there is little space. Two shades of wood and an upholstery set are available.

- oldwoodgrey -

A feast for the eyes that invites you to linger.
Cosy. Straightforward. Cheerfully priced.

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- silvergrey -

- silvergrey -

Outdoor seating of a very special kind.
Comfortable. Natural. Cheerfully priced.

  • Brushed spruce, tangible texture
  • Premium wood protection by Toplasur varnish
  • 2 fold-out leg rests
  • Shelf behind the rear bench
  • 2 folding tables
  • Upholstery package (1 back cushion, 1 seating cushion)
  • Curtains with loops
  • Flower boxes